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SIOUX CITY — Journal copy editor Dave Yoder wrote a column lamenting the lack of solutions from critics of the current immigration amnesty proposal while incredibly failing to offer a hint at a solution.Yoder is a microcosm of our senators in Washington not only because he is in the minority concerning the will of the people but because his argument lacks the cold, hard facts. Yoder claims that most aren’t making enough to afford the $5,000 fine [for a family of five], so they’ll stay illegal. What a specious argument for $12-14 starting wages at the packing plant or construction job that are tax-free. One-third of illegals overstayed their visas, some of them becoming small-time entrepreneurs (see the Heritage Foundation report).

Here is my proposal. Let’s be a country that lives up to its laws. The only reason that deportation never failed to stem the tide of illegal immigration is that no one followed through with the law. If we come up with new laws, who is to say that after the current amnesty akin to 1986, we won’t be facing a 2016 deja vu debate and recall 2007? At some point, despite the compassion of our collective hearts, we will have to face the fact that we will need to deport people back to their native countries.

My mother-in-law has spent $1,300 and 21 years of her life trying to come from Vietnam to live here after her husband was killed fighting for South Vietnam/U.S. I spent $1,500 in legally bringing my wife through the citizenship process (others spend even more on attorneys). Would Yoder or Tom Harkin be willing to meet my mother-in-law and tell her how foolish she was for doing it the right way?

If they are willing, they will have to wait. After 21 years, she’s still in line.

July 4, 2007


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